Thursday, 12 November 2009

Follow me blindly - day 1

I take part in some of the FAT stuff, I like the group there is a real cross over between crafters and artists, it's a good environment for me. Leilani set the 5X challenge a while ago, I enjoyed the way it made me think and the kick up the backside to get making stuff..... this is her latest challenge. I have lifted this from her mail to the group.... it started Monday the 9th in real time.... I did it for the following 5 days....

Leilani's Follow Me Blind art quilt challenge:work on one quilt for 5 days straight.
New instructions given each day you must follow through, no matter how painful! ;)Day One -- create a 9" x 7" fabric for the top of your quilt. this must be an altered piece of fabric, i.e. surface designed. you can paint on it, stain it, dye it, rubber stamp on it, color it, applique on it... but you must do something to itThis fabric is from last year (I think!), it's painted with acrylic paint then for the challenge I stenciled and stamped with inks..... will see what 'tomorrow' holds

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Stephanie (A Ditchin' Time Quilts) said...

Ok, now you got me interested. can't wait to see the rest

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