Sunday, 8 November 2009

Aşşk Kahve

I had a lovely late lunch with one of my girlfriends today, sitting out by the Bosporus, at Aşşk Kahve - 'Love Cafe'. The cafe and neighbouring buildings have these Dali-esque eggs on top and a quirky style. Tucked away behind a supermarket this is a bit of a surprising place. Super cute and beautiful patrons, quirky waiting staff to say the least! .... I would have loved a snap of the girl's footwear from the neighbouring table. High, red satin peep toes - totally Sex in the City, slightly outrageous. I didn't have the guts to ask - taking a sneaky picture would have not been on.....Not quite what you expected when you looked down, nor was the weather, 22 degrees, t-shirts and jeans, gorgeous. A happy birthday to us both....

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Kandy Newton said...

Happy Birthday for last Sunday Dawn. I hope you had a lovely day. Those egg ornaments on top of the roof look very interesting and how great to find a cafe that has a bit of individuality.

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