Sunday, 19 April 2009

Who stole my day?

OK, not all day, but whilst baby has been napping and once all 3 littles were in bed I've been checking out the links for Amy's online Quilt Festival some 340+ quilters have joined in - quite a lot to look through, there are some fantastic quilts out there and some interesting musical tastes too.

So while waiting for the blogs to load, I've been working on the strip for the ATC's, I'm working towards a 'more is more' idea, but now the base cotton fabric is getting a bit distorted - I know I should have put a stabiliser on the back, but since I plan on fusing them to a felt base, I think I'll do that now and can add the final bits using the felt as a stabiliser, it'll also allow me to work up to the edge knowing that a sequin isn't going to get chopped.... back to the show...

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