Sunday, 12 April 2009

Vakko at Astoria

On our way from the ENT doctor we passed through Astoria Mall, there was a demonstration by Vakko, super high end goods, but famed for their scarves, they have a very interesting history, being founded on the demise of the fez. Their scarves are luxurious and beautifully printed, they had all the screens there, for this scarf - I think there were 14 colour separations, they were waiting for 15 minutes in between each colour, the guys doing the demonstration made quite a fuss about pulling the squeegee accross - 2 guys and 5 passes.... apparently all for show - the chap who was narrating the display said later.... very interesting none the less, and fabulously interesting for a 4.5 yr old who was allowed to stand on the printing table whilst they worked!

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