Saturday, 25 April 2009

I spy....

Quilting has it's own 'fashions' when it was 'in' to collect I spy charms I collected a rather large shoe box full - I had planned on making an I spy quilt.... now 3 littles down the line - if I don't make them now they'll be too big to use them. SO I got out all the charms and 'scattered' the piles around the floor, I gave them a small shoe box each and told them to pick the ones they liked. T1 selected with great care. T2 liked them all - they then got to choose 12 fq's which are of larger prints mainly - and I'll cut these into larger pieces.... these won't be a works of art but 2 every day small bed quilts (they never got their baby quilts from me.... they are in half completed paper pieced blocks in a box..... ) No3 will get a proper I spy - with the hexagons - I cut a load of charms down ages ago.

It was a lovely sunny day here, we went to the bike repair shop - 2 bikes, 2 punctures - I can fix most things, punctures are beyond my skill level..... and too smelly.... then to the electrical guy to see if he can get the 'extra' DVD out of the DVD player - not sure which one pulled that stunt - the hospital - x-ray etc - my fracture is still 'fresh' and that got taped up, saw neighbours whilst out and played catch up with news - busy with chores!

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Quilt Pixie said...

sometimes the functional "everyday" quilts are the best loved treasures... I'm sure "I spy" in that form will get lots of love :-)

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