Friday, 24 April 2009


I persuaded T1 and T2 that we were going to make snails - this enterprise needed to last a good few hours, since they were off school today. Snail is a great word in Turkish 'salyangoz' (sally-ann-goz)
We made was a batch of brioche which of course needed 1.5 hours to prove, that was after they took 45 minutes to weigh out the flour, mix it together and kneed it - I did help a little. Once proved they then rolled it thin and sprinkled it with cinnamon, sugar, chopped dried apricots, dried cherries, fat blond Izmir sultanas and a big handful of walnuts. We then rolled the covered dough and sliced 1.5 inch pieces and packed them into a deep tray to cook - hence them looking like snails!
No recipe except for the brioche. They proved a second time and I cooked them - they were hugely successful, the scruffy ends of the roll I kneaded together and made a small loaf - easier to slice for baby to eat, though baby is not such a baby now. Maybe I should just start calling her No3?
These will get eaten! they were far more successful than the hot cross buns. Good old dried yeast!


Carol E. said...

Those look delicious!
And I have a question. Are you familiar with a small American pizza shop in Istanbul? My cousin owns it! I don't know the name of the shop. And, I have never met my cousin! But if you know her shop and go there for pizza, tell her hello from a Minnesota cousin! LOL.

loftstudiodesigns said...

They certainly look delicious - much more appetising than banana bread I have just finished icing. Remind me not to do caramel icing again... it is a most unpleasant colour!


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