Monday, 27 April 2009

Did the earth move for you darling??

Living on the edge of a fault line brings the daily 'worry' of a earthquake (my personal paranoia more like!) we're waiting for the 'big one' in 1999 there was one in Yalova, the city was flattened. I know where to turn off the gas and water - but when there was a massive rumble half an hour ago I wondered how exactly I would get out of the house with 3 sleepy children, I have my torch with fresh batteries in and my bag with id's to hand. I can never tell when it's a REALLY BIG lorry going up the road at the end of the street or THE REAL THING - fortunately it's nearly always a lorry...... panic over.... will check the earthquake log later.....

One a positive note - Robbie sent me this card, which was unexpected - it reminds me of bottle bush trees - I need some random kindness - one of those days, even before the earth shook.....


loftstudiodesigns said...

Sending you stable thoughts - Stay safe, Dawn.

It has been many years since my city has quivered and shaken, yet we have had to quakes in recent months.

I'm glad the card arrived! I wasn't going to say anything as I wanted it to be a surprise.


black bear cabin said...

I grew up in Los Angeles, so i am quite familiar with earthquakes...they can be very creepy...especially the aftershocks you feel all day afterwards.
May your children always remain safe...and your house always stand strong!!!

postcardsfromwildwood said...

Hello Dawn, this is my first visit to your blog - via WW today, but this post caught my attention. I can understand your 'paranoia'. May all your quakes be large lorries. And I love this quilted card. A lovely gift.

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