Friday, 10 April 2009

Hot Cross Buns

The Hot Cross Buns took forever to make, the littles spent a good 30 mins sifting the flour..... I was a bit dubious about the fresh yeast.... it didn't froth and bubble like normal..... but I went ahead anyway. They helped mixing and kneading, checking the swelling mixture every few minutes while it proved, they were thrilled about knocking it down and shaping the buns, they diligently put the crosses on and egg wash.... we then waited for them to prove again..... they did a little.... and I cooked them. We have slightly Hot Cross Rocks.... Some how the yeast didn't do it's stuff entirely and they are a little too dense, I made them with 1/4 wholemeal flour - but they are not exactly how they should be.... sadly. However - it did kill a good 3 hours and they did eat some.... so all is not lost! Will try again next year!

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