Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Eggstraviganza

It was a nearly perfect day, weather wise - we did the craft activities inside, and then moved outside for the egg hunt and lunch - littles moving in and out to the garden, a bunch of dads played 'football' with the (mainly) boys....

We made these 'baskets' - I designed them and with some of the mums cut out all the little shapes (OK they cut most of them out) the handle also served as a name tag, they used these baskets for the egg hunt and then at home time, the Easter bunny magic-ed a chocolate egg and chocolate animal into them!

Thanks to Martha Stewart's method - we had egg magic happening too - I made some extras, one of the fabrics failed us and there was just one unhappy (quite rightly too) customer.... the littles were so excited to open the eggs, quite a few got consumed on the spot.... I think I would seriously up the vinegar next time, yes there will be a next time, using tights worked very well, too - this was great fun.

I stopped by the hospital and got the bandage/tape on my toe changed, it was loose, as I guess some of the swelling has gone down - it is however the most rich shade of deep plum... which I guess will turn purple-black in time.... euch.... at least it's hurting a bit less now.

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