Saturday, 4 April 2009

Martha Stewart's eggs

There are few people I totally trust in this world - most of you know who you are, but Martha Stewart doesn't till now. Really, love her or hate her if she says something - you can make a sure bet that it's right (I'm talking domestic stuff here!) I saw this 'method' of dying eggs on her website, I was totally intrigued.

So I had a go.....
So simple, so cool - so impressed.
With the other 2 amigos of the Christmas Party fame, we are organising an Easter Eggstravaganza..... ok not so eggstravagant, but a limit of 20 kids and parents who we normally socialise with anyway. We will be dying eggs using this method - I need to snag a few more ties, given most of the dads are white collar and suited, I think this isn't a problem. The only change I will make, I'm going to test this one first though, is to use a section of tights (pantyhose) instead of the muslin - 2 reasons, I don't want to use up my good muslin, and the bits where the tie wasn't pressing on the shell got left blank, I think the tights will give better pressure.... will test this 'theory' out tomorrow..... Oh I didn't boil the egg for 20 mins - I didn't want it to crack so I brought it to the boil, turned the heat off and then put a lid on the pan and left it there for 15 mins. Silks I used.... and dyed muslin....

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