Sunday, 2 August 2009

Princess Oreo Cookies

I subscribed to Martha's cookie a day email - it's bad, because I want to make more biscuits than I am - I figure there are lots of 'weird' stuff put in commercial biscuits, a batch takes no time to make, and I only ever make them if I have the oven on for something else. This recipe came through and I had to make it - I love Oreos, with cold FRESH (not UHT) milk - ice cold, full fat milk - so I had to make them. Of course I didn't make the cream filling....

T1 got this princess cookie cutter from Nana, so it seemed a good opportunity. The mix doesn't stand up to being rolled out. So we made regular round biscuits and then pressed a star cutter lightly into the top. Made at noon, 4 went to a neighbour but the batch was gone before 7pm. They were good but missing the slightly 'burnt' taste of Oreos - and not as crunchy - but good biscuits. I did of course convert the recipe to metric.

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