Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Happy Birthday Baby...

We celebrated No3's birthday today - this time I have free reign over the cake. I spied a lollipop garden cake on Martha - she adores butterflies, we make her say butterfly - because it's too cute, because she can't say it properly - 'bow-bow-bly' is what we get. I found some butterfly cutters and so used the beautiful MM fondant to make the base, cut the grass and butterflies from coloured MM fondant. I let the fondant set around the lollipop sticks overnight and put the sprinkles at the base..... easy.

T1 and T2's friends were back from various vacations as well as a dear friend +2 leaving, so we had the party a few days early and invited all the littles friends. 14 adults, 15 littles. Fun!!

I have a constant party favour dilemma, so this time I decided to make something useful... We often have to take 'Inside Shoes' places we go, I designed this one handle bag's size specifically for 5yr old inside shoes - it's just the right size to be held in the hand or over the shoulder - of course there were bubbles and a chocolate bar inside...

We had a Fun day.

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