Monday, 17 August 2009

Fabric Paper II

I kept on sprinkling the threads and snippets - trying to make them spread, I wanted 2 halves, a yellowy 'sand' half and a darker green/grey one, so put the materials accordingly.

Once all the threads were on I sprinkled a thick coat of PVA over the whole piece, this was hard not to 'mush' all the other stuff. I used a sponge brush thing - it was good as I could dab and splatter the glue without touching the threads too much. T1 then helped by sprinkling a very large amount of sequins over the whole piece.

Then the tricky bit. Putting the tissue over the whole, I opted for smaller pieces thinking the whole piece would be hard. I think either way would be hard. I then put it in a corner to dry.

It took a full 24 hours, the last few hours I peeled it away from the plastic and allowed the air to circulate around the whole piece.

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