Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Fabric Paper III

So the finished piece looks remarkably like the last picture of II's post. Just slightly lighter. The fabric paper is very flexible and really surprisingly strong. (detail above)

I love the way the light shines through the sections (above) - it reminds me of the Dale Chihuly (or here) walkways, where he places vessles above you on a perspex sheet and you walk under them - seeing the light shing through.
Anyway - I learnt quite a lot from this - next time - if there is a next time - I will - use more glue, different size fabric, some paper, fewer sequins, a single sheet of tissue paper and a brayer to compress everything.....
Whilst I like the result but am not too sure what to do with the sheet. It didn't meet my expectations of being 'sand like' so I shelved that idea. I owe a hand made book mark - so use it for that - it' was easy to sew and rotory cut. I have a lot left over.... postcards?

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Vicki W said...

may not be what you expected but it's still darned cool!

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