Sunday, 14 March 2010

They're back

*photo to come!*

When we were driving early on Saturday morning I spotted the second chimney of storks this season, circling and moving on to Europe for the summer - unfortunately I couldn't stop to take a picture... it will come when they next come! The way they fly is stunning, it's great to be on the migration path for these beauties! it also means that the blossom isn't just a tease and spring is on the cusp. The peach tree is fat with flower buds.... I love peach blossom!

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Robin said...

There's nothing like that first sign that spring is truly here, is there... The fruit trees are blooming here too, they're so beautiful, really some of my favorites.

I was thinking of Istanbul this weekend as I relaxed in the hammam at the spa. Not quite the same without the massage lady, but very enjoyable.

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