Thursday, 18 March 2010

3 day challenge - day 2

It dried good! - I sandwiched and using FME stitched the top to the base, no wadding, then waited for day 2's instructions... they were,
'take your SCISSORS.... and cut out little jagged triangle notches into the top edge of your piece! about 1/2" or so.. THEN..... fold your strip in half and cut down this fold - then fold those two pieces and cut down those folds... so you will end up with FOUR EQUAL pieces.' There was an optional extra of adding some light embellishment, I seed stitched the pieces whilst the littles watched a movie with their friends and I chatted with my girlfriends at our local 'co-op' - they are used to my stitching now, and are always interested. Somehow they just didn't get my blind faith in following instructions with no pre-determined end.... 'so, what is it going to be again?' was said more than once.... love them all!


Angelcat said...

Your pieces are looking wonderful, whatever they are turn in to I'm sure will be great.

s'me said...

The colours are so lovely and dreamy. They remind me of Edvard Munsch in many ways (of course, I may have spelt that completely wrongly!)

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