Saturday, 20 March 2010

Seeing spots

A week ago I painted T2's bedroom, he'd made several 'attempts' at changing the brownish-pink paint, with nail varnish, marker pen, felt tip and crayon..... it was yukky looking. I gave in. We went to the hardware store and this is the colour he chose, no conspiracy with Sadik Bey (I had imagined trying to persuade him out of fluorescent yellow!) He was thrilled with the roller Sadik gave him and 'helped' with the process..... Yesterday he decided he wanted blue spots on his yellow walls..... dilemma - do I paint blue spots and then have to deal with de-spotting the room some time in the future, yada yada.... or .... do I get him to make his own blue spots and blu-tak them onto the walls.... blu-tak won. They look cute, 'sadly' he now has a 'great idea!' - lets put spots on his white duvet cover.... sticking them on with blu-tak will not work this time!


Vicki W said...

He's very creative!

Kandy Newton said...

Machine applique some large, blue fabric circles? Hopefully you come up with a solution *before* he gets the idea to draw them on for you;-p

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