Monday, 22 March 2010

Peach blossom time

Yahhay it's spring - the peach blossom is out, I took these a day back, but the tree is laden with blossom and humming bugs.... t2 made a special survey which involved dangerous boy's activities - trying to convince him he IS NOT spider man in any incarnation is difficult, but he did get it in the end. We got new sand for the sandbox, some garden toys out of the basement... and had a conversation about growing potatoes (no idea why potatoes since we rarely eat them anyway!) The blossoms are slightly deformed, -2 degrees, unexpectedly a couple of nights back has taken it's toll. I guess it makes little difference, all these blossoms will fade and leaves grow, which will be shriveled in the sun and with the help of peach leaf curl virus. Only 2 summers in the past 4 I've had a good yield, regardless of spraying with copper.... this year I am inclined to do nothing, there was massive defoliation after the 2nd spray last year.... and the tree looked scruffy all summer, though still gave some good shade.

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Angelcat said...

Beautiful pictures Dawn :)

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