Saturday, 13 March 2010

Rusya Eğitim, Kültür ve İşbirliği Derneği

We went to the Goodbye to Winter, Hello to Spring 'performance' at one of the cultural centers. Being Russian, even the smallest little person was encouraged to get on stage with a microphone and perform.... it was interesting to say the least, those who can't speak Russian can follow - even the slightly over the top 'clown' and the seriously over the top Winter and Summer ladies - who were the compares, summer is featured here - made it entertaining for adults. T1 and her rhythmic gymnastic group performed, more than half of the 18 girls are at least half Russian as well as the coach - she loves it and performed well - it was the first time they were on stage as a group, complete with fancy imported Russian rhythmic gymnastic leotards..... it's all taken very seriously. In return for a great performance she was given a very large bag of candy which caused riots with the other littles..... We then decamped with some of the girls and their parents and siblings to one of the malls where they ran around and ate lunch.... quite a good idea....

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