Thursday, 25 February 2010

Someone else's Eminönü

I went to Eminönü with one of my girlfriends, this is the area behind the Spice Bazaar. She had been talking about a bead and hair accessory 'han' for a while - these are buildings. Here, often streets are dedicated to one particular 'thing' so hundreds of shops selling very similar stuff in a small area. Retailers from all over Turkey will come and do their shopping here - most sell to the public, some will split the packs of 12/24/144.
I got a huge pack of simple bobbles for an outrageously low price, which, considering the number of them we get through will be a good thing. But spent time understanding what was in the place and then we wandered into a couple of other areas, and another han that specialised in all things Chinese - I managed 2 floors of that one out of about 8..... more to follow.
The bead shop above sold everything from cheap and nasty plastic beads to beautiful real pearls. It was huge and difficult to absorb the variety of stuff it sold!

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