Friday, 26 February 2010

More Eminönü

This part of the street sold wooden things, mainly the long flat paddles for putting Pide into the oven... sieves and all sorts of wooden spoons. It progressed to woven rattan, then finally - Scythes... I often see chaps walking with scythes, grim reaper fashion in the area we live in. I guess they are easier to use than petrol strimmers on hillsides. Curiously they all had stickers saying 'Made in Austria'

This is the same shop from 2 angles. He sells all sorts of dried goods, from raisins to dried aubergines, as well as olives and honey - kind of a sore cupboard type shop... Mostly Turkish produce

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Totty Teabag said...

I have friends who farm in Liechtenstein, and until a couple of years ago, they were still cutting hay with scythes on the mountain side. Now they have a new-fangled gadget that uses cables to guide a petrol cutter up and down the steep slopes.

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