Saturday, 20 February 2010

Art Lottery Challenge

The FAT group I belong to had a Art Lottery Challenge, you handed in 5 numbers then got back 5 techniques that you were to use on a postcard. You could make 3 cards, either with the same numbers or different numbers. It was an interesting concept that I enjoyed..... Piece the background fabric, Add a new shape, Add a printed word, Add a doodle then colour it in, Add something organic. So, I pieced the background (the half square triangles were trimmings from a previous project) - add a new shape, that was the 'brown' rectangle, add a printed word - Aşşk - I doodled as required, then coloured the leaves with chalk.. - I was also asked to add something organic, well that was the doodle, a coneflower..... and the card was made with only cotton..... I traded the cards, which will follow!

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