Saturday, 13 February 2010

Inbed with Orhan.... The museum of innocence

A couple of night back my girlfriend called and caught me in bed at 10pm.... early for me..... and asked if I was sick, 'no, I'm in bed with Orhan......' She was slightly shocked, then asked 'Orhan who?' I explained Orhan Paumk, well his book....
It's taken me a good couple of weeks to plough through the door-stop tomb - 530+ pages..... but it was well worth it. At last Mr P has written a fabulous books, his early books were tortuous to read, well I admit, I never got past page 20 of most of them, after several attempts. This one is different.
It is a love story, centered around obsession, unspoken desire and unfulfilled lives. The setting of course is Istanbul, in the 70's and 80's. There are scenes in various parts of the city - they even drive past the end of my street on several occasions.... I have the feeling there is an element of truth and fantasy mixed together but have yet to check that out. The most delicious thought is that he is actually planning to open a museum, biased around the book, and with 83 display cases, one for each chapter. I already have my entry ticket..... it is supposed to open in July 2010 - anyone know how to get me an invite to the opening??

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