Monday, 6 April 2015

Zorlu Center - Kids Park

Istanbul has an intervention requiring addiction to shopping malls - OK the first covered shopping mall was built here - no, America - this was BEFORE you were 'discovered'.
1455, the Kapali Carsi....
Anyway it seems down this in particular road there is a mall every 50m, there are 3 malls next to each other at one point. This one is HUGE - it was under construction for 4+ years - open around 9 months ago I think - anyway - I had heard about the park - how it has a great slide.... one that moms sneak onto.... I will do that perhaps the next quiet day I can bring a child as a decoy ..... way too many tutting moms lecturing about clothing, grandmas lecturing about safety, dads tap taping on their smart phones, and random uncles hunting.... on Saturday.
T2 at 10 yrs old protested at leaving - the climbing frame and towers were perfect - Miss P just spent most of the time sliding - there were mini trampolines set into the ground, climbing areas, things that turned, holes all sorts of stuff - super cool! Well done Zorlu....

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