Thursday, 2 April 2015

Starbucks name

Whats in a name?
A lot of my friends have 'Starbucks names', yep - a different name so the barista - or the order taker can spell something you can recognise at the end of the bar when your drink is served.... Alas here is the problem - Turkish is an entirely phonetic language, it has some missing letters (W for example) some extra letters, some dots and missing dots .... then vowel harmony - something we do not even comprehend as native speakers - it is in some other languages also.
Fortunately the grammar is strictly rule driven and there is no gender.
Dawn does not conform (yep those who know me for real will laugh at that one!) but it just throws them into a loop.....
I am Helen....
Try a name like Jack - would become Cak.... Turkish however is simple - you say what you see, once you know the sounds, so a name like Ufuk Şit - becomes quite hilarious.... (Ş - is a English Sh sound...) oh - yes it is a real name - honest!

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