Friday, 10 April 2015

Trip out to the Kapali Carsi

The fabric I use for the leotards is quite specific weight 4 way stretch lycra from Korea, I have found just 2 places that sell this - they are 50m apart from each other in the Kapali Carsi (Grand/Covered bazaar) .... they have nearly similar stock....
It is Leotard season and I needed fabric..... I have quite a regular route, I take public transport because quite honestly it is fantastic, cheap, safe, clean and easy.
This part of the city is a hill - so I go to the Kapali Carisi first then walk down through Tartakale, making stops for stones and hair stuff, to the Misir Carsi (Spice Bazaar)
I have never quite known who is good, bad or ugly in there .... however I have now found a great spice seller... quite a cute shop however no pictures on their website.....
The whole area is under renovation, swathed in plastic like some Christo sculpture.... I stopped at my usual lunch place and lumbered to the metro above the Golden Horn.
This station not only has the most stunning views, it is a beautiful piece of very modern architecture in the middle of this ancient city....

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