Friday, 25 September 2009

Hot Indian Chutney

I managed to snaffle the recipe for this chutney from a friend of a friend who knew the 'secret' - oh it's good..... very good.....
900g (2lb) apples or quinces
600ml (1pt) vinegar
25g (1oz) garlic
125g (4oz) peeled ginger root
225g (8oz) sultanas
125g (4oz) chillies
15ml (1 tbsp) mustard seed
15ml (1tbsp) salt
375g (12oz) dark brown sugar (though I only had perhaps 200g left so topped up with white sugar)

Peel & slice apples/quinces and boil in vinegar until soft. Add the crushed garlic; crushed, chopped & bruised ginger; sultanas; chopped & seeded chillies; crushed mustard seeds; salt & sugar for about an hour and a half. Pot and cover. Makes around 1kg (2 1/2 lb)....

I slavishly followed the recipe - OH SO good...... I was going to give a jar to a friend - no more.....

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Anonymous said...

I have discovered your blog through the Park City Girl quilt fest! I just completed my first quilt top and am fascinated and inspired by all of the quilters.

I am also a big cook! I love quince and just discovered them last year. I am going to make your chutney and wonder what is a sultana? I have a few quince recipes on my cooking and gardening was a big topic for me last year and just made my first batch of quince and goat cheese tarts...

Nice to meet you!! Kelli

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