Monday, 7 September 2009


I joined Book Crossing years ago - It seemed like a good thing to do, I read a lot of fiction, but don't have space for a library and have realised that I rarely read a book twice - so why keep them? I do have a small amount of fiction that I am saving to either give to someone who I think will love it - or - read again. Several of my friends read similar stuff, and we have our own informal book crossing - or I often get shown to a stack of books and get told to take what I would like..... I stock up at the IWI Christmas bazaar (40 books last year I think!)
I'm not sure of the source of book. I haven't read it - yet, but I did register it with book crossing (that lovely number on the inside cover).... The cover of this book is beautiful - I love the way it is continued on the inside cover - I googled the artist Petra Borner - Oh my - love her work ..... now to schedule a trip to Ikea to see if the design she did is in there......

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Vicki W said...

That is a great design!

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