Monday, 20 July 2009

Shadow box table - Bits of NYC things

A few moons back I'd planned on doing a NYC quilt, I lived there for 2 and a bit years - from 1999 thru 2001. The apartment looked over to the Statue of liberty, Eilis Island, Staten Island, and the Liberty state park -It was a fabulous old building and being 'down town' was more affordable (like Manhattan is ever affordable) I used public transport or walked, it was fantastic, liberating and you got to see (and smell - NY smells) the city living it's life, one of my best walks was from the Smithsonian on the Bowling Green all the way up Broadway to the 80's and stopping when I got to Zabars, must be 100 blocks..... but I would get the subway home... you would see all of life, Wall St., Canal St., Garment District, Tourist/Musical 'Hell', the no where land around Columbus, then back into civilisation of the Upper West Side..... I ♥ NY I miss Zabars....

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