Saturday, 25 July 2009

Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes are the subject of much discussion through out the year in our house - these have morphed between various ideas, finally coming to rest this evening at 8pm as a Spider (it should have been black - but food colouring was in short supply) and a butterfly - a pink and sliver butterfly like the tattoo from the packet of Cheetos..... thank goodness T1 changed it from the proposed giraffe. Spider boy, T2, was a killer whale, a dolphin and various other seaside accompaniments previously. A spider was WAY easier. I made up a double batch of the MM Fondant as per the other 'school' birthday cakes and we used some piped icing, Smarties and chocolate sticks for the spider and just food colouring and silver sugar balls for the butterfly. I'd made the chocolate sponge earlier in the day and there was a modest amount of butter cream. Nana was my able assistant for this endeavour - she is a prize winning cake maker who judges at her local village fete - she thought both the cake and MM fondant were delicious. It was the first time she'd encountered MM fondant and thought it hilarious to watch..... of course the ultimate judges were fast asleep waiting for their 'big' day!

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