Saturday, 14 March 2009


I was aware of the 're-purposing' of this mall - it's a mall that serves a large compound, but very close to one of the oldest malls here, needless to say it didn't do too well and it has be 're-purposed' as a Kids mall - everything is kids based, a lovely bookstore, with a great English selection, clothing stores, baby stuff, a few restaurants, a kids gym and play areas. The lower level is consumed by a large 'arcade' this is where the birthday party was held - and reason for visiting the mall. Unlimited tokens and lots of friends - 5 year old triplet birthday boys, in 3 different schools, so it was busy - lots of kids. We checked out the rest of the mall after the party.

This is some sort of vinyl flooring with the design part of the structure rather than purely on the surface, they had a great time doing this floor, hopscotch, line drawings, great stuff....

We didn't get chance to use these 'pods' circular windows, each padded, fitted with a flat screen tv and a wii - free to use, there were about 8 of these, all playing the same game, but SO neat.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed that there could be a mall that is surplus to requirements so can be converted and entirely devoted to the needs of children...guess it reflects the difference in population density and weather between our two cities.


dawn.u said...

Turks, Istanbullians have a love affair with malls, there are lots of them. IMHO this one 'failed' as it was close to the oldest and most well known one. Population desity is high here.

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