Sunday, 8 March 2009

BQL Calender Challenge - March WIP

I got the top pieced for this months challenge - taking a little blue from the Jan/Feb pieces, and adding the green and pink - I like the ballance, will look good with January's piece, that has 4 blocks accross. I felt a bit crummy whilst making this - it should have gone together super quick, in the end there was a lot of 'frog stitching' happening. I like the result, though not the original plan, Will FME the dark squares I think...
No blog yesterday - the first day I've skipped for a long time. T1 decided to share her virus of last week - kind wee soul she is - I wasn't very happy, nor was T2 or baby..... what on earth did people do before washing machines. Thank you Mr Siemens for your hard work last night.
Let's hope everyone feels well enough for school tomorrow.

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