Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ari Tatil - where we went....

So this became the plan,
Ankara - to see Ataturk's tomb, with additional guiding provided by Istanbul friend via whataspp....
Konya - needed to be there for Saturday night - it is the only day you can see the Dervishes spin
Goreme - Cappadocia - seemed the most relaxed town in the area, lots of stuff close by.
Afyonkarahisar - We wanted Yalova but 1, I couldn't face a 10 hour drive, 2. We wanted a thermal hotel so the kids could swim and I could sit in HOT water. Not exactly the nicest place to stay but it was a good location.

Istanbul - Ankara , 5 hours, Ankara - Konya 3 hours, Konya - Goreme - 2.5 hours, Goreme to Afyon - 6 hours, Afyon - home - 6 hours...... a lot of driving.... some squabbling in the back.... some empty threats.....

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