Monday, 4 May 2015

Ari Tatil - roadtrip

Last week was Ari-tatil - kind of half term, spring break or if you are Turkish - bee holiday! I decided we were going on a road trip. Turkey is a massive country, it's highway structure, lakes and mountains make road travel slow, most people do long distance by air or bus, the train system is under developed. Air ironically is often cheaper than the bus.
However, I like driving and the country is spectacularly beautiful.... so road trip it was. I wanted to go to Konya desperately - I have been promised a guide, but like many Turkish promises it was full of hot air (real hot air later in the trip)
So my choice was Konya, the kids selected Gaziantep, Trabzon, Ankara, Cappadocia and Izmir, they also requested a swimming pool - or access to the sea at some point.
Check the map - these places don't make sense in the time (8 nights) unless I drove all night.

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