Sunday, 27 October 2013

Anish Kapoor at SSM

T1 was at a party, so T2 who is into art, Miss P and myself went down to SSM - not the best place to be on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon - perhaps half of Istanbul was down there. The other half walking in the forest judging by the traffic on the way home. So we managed to get a couple of pictures in front of the big yellow - well not sure what the name is, T2 was most intrigued by the black space ones, Miss P by the large marble pieces. Myself by the security who seemed obsessed with my littles and allowed liberal pawing of sculptures by all adults but pounced when T2's flash went off whilst taking a picture of a lump of stone...... I like SSM a lot, the ticket price is a huge factor - 1 adult free per kid, kids free..... don't tell anyone! I liked the work and am intrigued. I will probably go again either with T1 or alone ..... in the week when I can park easily and its not like a shopping mall. 

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Sally Bramald said...

Sounds wonderful, do go back and take more photos!

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