Monday, 19 October 2009

Back to life

- back to reality?

So I took a blogging break, I would love to tell tales of exotic travels, and wild experiences.... alas nothing of the kind, the most exotic thing has been several trips to the Dr, and the wildest thing - perhaps our new friendly street dog that my neighbour has taken in called Osman.....

The Blogging Quilters Show has been a roaring success, bringing more than 1200 new visitors to the blog over the last week, and providing me with a distraction from things I should be doing.
The funniest thing over the past week and a bit happened this morning..... I have used the same local hairdresser for nearly 5 years, the kid of place where you sit and wait, because it'll only be 10 mins before someone is free, or you do your shopping and go back. The same chap has done my hair for all but 9 months of that time.... today, he asked what my name was..... I was so surprised. I told him, but forgot to ask what they call me..... nice comments only please!

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black bear cabin said...

so lets see a picture of this new hairdo! :)

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