Tuesday, 24 March 2015

E group leotard - re-make

This is a re-make of a leotard that is a couple of years old - it was a set of 6, however one walked to Spain - the other got lost in London..... so 1 to re-make - 4 to unpick, re-design for growth and serious lycra failure - it literally lost all it's stretch. Then re-stitching and additional stones.
Re-making, or repairing leotards is awful, diligently trying to avoid stones that either shatter or break the needle.... sewing at turtle speed and tight corners to avoid unpicking the whole garment.... why? they have 1000+ Swarovski stones on each - serious ££.
I have 7 leotards in various stages - all due Thursday night.


maggie said...

Hi Dawn, pleased to see you back! I hope you continue your Wordless Wednesdays - I really enjoyed them

Dawn C said...

Yes - simple answer - thanks!

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